masculine chic : scented flammables

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though holiday season is officially over, the winter has just begun — at least in philadelphia. with the window closed while cooking during winter (freezing) time, scented candles will definitely be the saver to keep your house smell fresh and clean. BUT for some reasons i’ve never liked these strangely fruity/artificially sweeten scented candles (or air fresher)… not to mention they cause me headache.

i like real candles (soy-wax, bee-wax, cotton wicks) with nice candle jar that can be recycled, reused or repurposed. with natural scent will be the plus in this case. ( imagine the house full of pancakes smell… you can only appreciate that buttery smell for that long) the selection here are my picks of some really awesome candles, perfect for these who like masculine chic home interior style.

+ white wood number 3 by baxter of california | made in USA


besides the soy-wax base, fragrance notes from birch tar, leather, guaiac wood, rosemary oil and cedar sound like a perfect mix of the natural touch.

and for design fans, the packaging is designed by marc atlan… who always spark the product with his minimal, stylish branding/packaging design. he totally rocks.

+ eclectic by tom dixon | made in UK

series “london”, scented with “crocus and brick”, engraved brass case and marble lid (as stand)… you know when things involved brick, brass and marble plus tome dixon, means it is guaranteed good.

eclectic by tom dixon_london_1

eclectic by tom dixon_london_2

[ images via MR PORTER ]

+ baxter x saturdays : santalum + cedrus | made in USA

baxter again (they just have too many good stuffs), but with cool kid saturdays? even better! love the simple glass jar with noir soy-wax and the iconic “slash” logo in gold.


+ le labo calone 17 vintage candle | made in USA

soy-wax, cotton wicks, hand poured,  and the pack comes in with your name and address on it.

le labo calone 17 vintage candle

[ image via barneys ]

the holidays were just last week, i feel it was so last year and so far away… ( well, it was LAST YEAR ) always hard to switch the mode after the holiday season is over!

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