homestyle : gray and black

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interior / scandinavian design


[ all images courtesy of alvhem ]

a lovely livingroom from an apartment in gothenburg, sweden. and actually – this is the only room i like in this apartment. the showy exposed brick wall in the kitchen and wallpaper in bedroom are a bit too much for my personal taste… you can take a look rest of the apartment here.

but hey, i think there is enough inspiration from this living room. let’s take a look at some details.

+ the most stylish origami pinwheel i’ve seen so far! why i’ve never though about using them this way, without the stick? ( how to make origami paper windmill )

+ everyone knows the periodic table is educational, but now it is functional as a stylish poster! (similar ideas like eye exam chart has been really popular, too)

alvhemmakleri_gray_scandinavian_5+ the chemical element posters are lovely… but sure, we can make-our-own!

+ clip lamp : similar style like tolomeo clip spot

+ perfect vintage amber glass bottles always add a nice warm touch to the modern interior




alvhemmakleri_gray_scandinavian_6though i love black or tan leather couch as well, gray fabric couch always come back as my favorite.


[ all images courtesy of alvhem ]

how would you set up your livingroom when there’s no TV/TV stand involved?

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