tile love: casa G+S

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[all images courtesy of grooppo.org|photographer : anna positano]

spotted this beautiful interior by grooppo.org via this is paper. the newly renovated interior still maintains the old house charm, and the tile flooring design perfectly created a continuous low key, personal atmosphere from room to room.


project brief provided by grooppo.org:

” The procedure consists in the recovery of one of the three floors of a single family house built in 1870 in Albissola Marina. A project based on memory, which aims to bring out the peculiarities of the original building.

The paving design mimics the original one: different colors for the unglazed porcelain hexagonal tiles define the sequence of rooms, emphasizing the continuity of spaces.

Container walls define spaces in the new subdivision where individual pieces of furniture belonging to the history of the families of the two owners, interact with other recovered objects reinterpreted with a contemporary vocation.”













[all images courtesy of grooppo.org|photographer : anna positano]

my geometric design obsession inspiration, to be continued…


2011 | CASA G+S | house refurbishment |  built

Task: Architectural Design, Site Supervision
Client: Confidential
Site: Albissola Marina, Savona, Italy
Area: 120mq
Photo: Anna Positano

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