the grounds of alexandria

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The Grounds of Alexandria_1

[all images courtesy of the grounds of alexandria ]

with the passion of art and science behind coffee, the grounds of alexandria located in an old pie factory from the early 1900’s, is not only offering a good cup of coffee, but the whole story behind a cup of coffee. from the on-site research and testing facility to the garden of vegetables and herbs, the grounds of alexandria becomes its own lifestyle brand.

The Grounds of Alexandria_2

from the grounds of alexandria:

” very much a family enterprise; this inner city sanctuary was conceived by Ramzey Choker with his long-standing business partner Jack Hanna and sister; Interior Designer, Caroline Choker. “

The Grounds of Alexandria_10

The Grounds of Alexandria-9


The Grounds of Alexandria_4

“… Caroline has maintained the integrity of the former warehouse by embracing its rustic and industrial aesthetic. Black and steel frames, bespoke wooden cabinetry and polished white and green subway tiles are contrasted against vintage wooden tables and refitted shipping containers. “

The Grounds of Alexandria-13

The Grounds of Alexandria_6

The Grounds of Alexandria_8

The Grounds of Alexandria_3

The Grounds of Alexandria_7


The Grounds of Alexandria-12

” … With a holistic approach to food and design; The Grounds offers a wholesome and rustic menu. The kitchen uses sustainable practices including; picking fresh herbs every morning and working with full time horticulturalist to grow seasonal produce for the menu. “

The Grounds of Alexandria_15

[all images courtesy of the grounds of alexandria ]

i would love to stop by for a cup of coffee.

Building 7A No 2 Huntley St
Alexandria NSW 2015


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