modern craft with brass

futagami_pendant lamp_hyousi kuromura.jpg

[above image courtesy of futagami]

designer oji masanori shines the traditional japanese craftsmanship and ancient techniques by applying them with modern language. the collaboration between oji&design and futagami has created some beautiful & artful daily life objects. at this moment i can’t be more obsessed about design involved geometric shape or polyhedron.

ペンダントランプ ‘明星’

pendant lamp ‘myojo’ in traditional coloring technique called kuro-mura. brass covered in black, the finish is meant to be aging with time, due to the natural oxidation.


[all images courtesy of oji&design]

ペーパーウェイト 三角、菱形、四角

brass casting paper weight in triangle, diamond and square shapes. the size of each weight gives you same feeling of a walnut in your hands. how romantic…

brass paper weight_futagami

栓抜き 『枠、三日月、日食』

opener frame, crescent eclipse. these openers will definitely elevate your beer bottle opening experience.

栓抜き 『枠、三日月、日食』


brass chopsticks rest. simply crafty-glamour.




and things around in the kitchen like cutting board stand, holding cups and knives stand.

oji-design-kitchen knives stand

[all images courtesy of oji&design]

don’t forget to check out futagami‘s website as well – simply inspiring.

modern craft with brass

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