candle collage

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design / vintage modern

Candle Collages_BY_FOLKFORM_2

[all images courtesy of folkform ]

with pieces like candelabra, tea lights, pillar candles and hand-crafted votives… designed by stockholm-based folkform, this very architectural look of candle stand created a unique landscape — with or without candles. i love especially the craft-based collaboration between designers and local foundry. it makes the story beautiful when you know where it’s from and whom made it.

description from FOLKFORM:

“For the candle collage collection FOLKFORM collaborated with a brass foundry on the south coast of Sweden. The duo is committed to working with local manufacturers. They want their products to reflect the spirit and history of the place they were produced. How the product was made, and by whom is the key to the narrative of the new pieces.”

Candle Collages_BY_FOLKFORM_3

Candle Collages_BY_FOLKFORM

more product information can be found on skultuna‘s website.

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