office on roof

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architecture / interior

ATELIER_bold-design_01_low[all images © bold-design ]

couple elements make this project a awesome one: it is in paris, on the roof actually, involved multi-displainary collaboration, and it is functional and economic!

project description from bold-design:

” Bold-design, like many artists and designers, moved from studio to studio since its installation in Paris in 2009. Previously, the studio has spent six months in the famous former artists squat at the 59 rue de Rivoli. This summer, William Boujon and Julien Benayoun, co-founders of bold-design, have decided to take an old machine room previously hosting a motor lift. In July 2011, their rehabilitation project was approved by Frédéric de Beauvoir, director of the Cultural Organisation in Paris called «the 100».

This enclosed and never occupied space, set on a terrace of about 170m2, bore the scars of his past. Bold-design, with the participation of the designer Claire Fumex, drawn the plans for the future office, assumed as a constraint, a minimum budget. The team paid particular attention to functionality, economy of means and space. The centerpiece of the place, the floor, has been designed and built with the help of the architect Arnaud Freycenon. ”


“… Bold-design asked the On Off Crew, talented and multi skilled friends to intervene on the outside walls of the office.  Lapinture from the On Off Crew, was invited to create a mural. ”


“… Since William Boujon and Julien Benayoun started their collaboration, the way they work together has emerged. The development and organization of their new studio reflects this experience. Custom built, they wanted the space simple and fully functional. The two bold-design founders share a big desk surmonted by an industrial light. Many shelves are installed to receive models, prototypes, materials, books, music and more. ”


“… To accommodate collaborators or create a micro meeting area, an extra folding desk was installed. ”












“… In the manner of a ship’s cabin in which each cm2 is important, we took advantage of the elevation of the new floor to hide storage areas and a foam seat under trap doors. This 2m long seat helps change the point of view, read, draw, take a nap, dream and bring out new ideas.

For meetings, a large whiteboard is installed under the shelf used to store documents and materials. We also placed on the wall a bright object designed and built for the exhibition «The brain is a small world.» We use it today as secondary light source and light table. It gives the impression of an additional window. ”





VIEW_01_ENG_low“… The terrace of the 100 is becoming a new atypical place where events are organized in the manner of «rooftop parties» in New York. ”


EVENT_office_04_lowthe best part (at least to me) during the realization of a project, is to see the transformation, aka before-after. it is designer’s challenge to envision the site’s potential, especially when your site is a such under-utilized space. here are some construction photos.










making_bold-design_13_low[all images © bold-design ]

thanks bold-design for sharing all these images!

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