black friday

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black_watercolor_dry pestel_smam[all images courtesy of smä ]


i personally really don’t like the idea of consumerism. unfortunately, it is part of the culture rooted deep in US. and if you’re living in US, you know what black friday means… so, instead of another “holiday gift shopping guide” that every design blogs (and non-design blogs) are doing right now, i would like to share some inspirational images involved color black. so yeah, it’s black friday, in michitecture’s way.

the beautiful painting shown above was done with watercolor, dry pastel and charcoal by sara woodrow, an art director and a freelance illustrator from sweden. not too surprising her lovely home (together with her son and husband) consists same quality as her art work – simple, stylish, mainly black and white with little accent color.

black and white art print_smam


black board_hall way entrance_smam


mr_fox_black board_hallway_smam


black cross garland_smam


black tape wall art_smam




black and white_neon pink home office_smam




plywood_inspiration board_smam[all images courtesy of smä ]


we (heart) black! who cares that once-a-year-frenzy-black-friday-in-US?




don’t know what is the black friday? check out wikipedia here.


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