garden lunch

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garden lunch

finally had a chance to try the biggest buzz in BLT (brotherly love town)… yes, shake shack! waiting in extra long line plus long wait for picking up our orders was totally worthy, even to a person like me who never have enough patience to wait in line.

as they stated ‘good beef, good ingredient, good neighbors,good team, good bones and good and green”, what are the good bones and green we can find in philadelphia store? they’ve featured reclaimed brick floors from old pennsylvania steel mills, and wooden furniture and walls certified by the FSC (forestry stewardship council).

garden lunch

garden lunch

since it was lunch time AND friday, the whole shack, not too surprising, was packed. really really packed. we decided to bring our lunch to PHS pop up garden which is just right next block.

what a gorgeous weather to have lunch in the garden, especially a gourmet burger for lunch! i had a veggie burger and strawberry shake – DELICIOUS. the veggie burger “shroom burger” was simply awesome. unlike the burger patty style (visually and texture-wise) from hip city veg, shake shack’s take is more airy and light, less saucy.

garden lunch

and that was a perfect lunch to say bye-bye to august.

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