PHS pop up garden 2012

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PHS pop up garden 2012

we stopped by PHS pop up garden couple days ago and we were so impressed by the total transformation! in responding to this year’s theme “bring everyone to the table”, PHS has turned the long time vacant lot into a lovely outdoor dining room. unwanted chairs were painted in vivid bright colors, with walls constructed from reclaimed wood planks/pieces/parts.

from PHS

“The focus: the PHS City Harvest program, which grows fresh produce through a network of community gardens and helps feed more than 1,000 families in need each week. The message: “Bring everyone to the table.” Everyone is invited to get involved in the issue of food security and bring their ideas, recipes, and gardening tips to the table.”

PHS pop up garden 2012


PHS pop up garden 2012


PHS pop up garden 2012


PHS pop up garden 2012

my favorite elements besides the long long 64′ communal table and happy chairs, will be the weedy edge at the back of the pop up garden. these are intentionally reserved to show the naturally occurring plants in urban environment. a little highline moment. oh, we also spotted the annoying weed “empress tree” (native to china, invasive in US) which keeps coming back in our garden…

PHS pop up garden 2012

with the existing surrounding buildings, the garden provided a more intimate and less pedicured environment compare to last year’s urban farm on 20th&market street. with this more hands-on scale, it is actually a perfect model to demonstrate what can you and the community do for your neighborhood vacant lot. in this case the lot owner castleway properties LLC have made a generous contribution to PHS, in addition to their permission to use the land as pop up garden. i am very looking forward to seeing more positive movements like this in other vacant lots across the city.

if you happen to be visiting rittenhouse square, don’t forget to stop by this hidden urban garden right around the corner – it will be closed in mid-october!

+ for plant-lovers:
you can download the plant list of the pop up garden here. i am ready to steal some ideas for our own garden :)
++ like the pop up idea?
architect magazine august issue has many excellent articles about this type of temporary, flexible, spontaneous interventions in response to how the community shaping the city. also has an interesting article about pop-up architecture.

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