between new and old: imperial buildings

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architecture / vintage modern
between new and old: imperial buildings
[all images courtesy fearon hay architects|photographer Patrick Reynolds]

we heart vintage modern!! as the project imperial buildings has been shortlisted in this year’s world architecture festival “new&old” category, how could big new&old fan, michitecture, not share this beautiful transformation here?

project brief provided by fearon hay architects:

“Built between 1886 and 1911, the Imperial Buildings are a rich mix of heritage spaces and building fabric in downtown Auckland.

The brief sought to bring this mix together with a comprehensive rework, restoration and upgrade of the existing buildings.

The design approach is based on creating a new network of circulation through the properties, enabling connection and interaction of previously inaccessible volumes contained within the buildings. The backbone of this strategy is a new laneway for Auckland: Imperial Lane.”

between new and old: imperial buildings


between new and old: imperial buildings

” This ground level connection between recently upgraded serviceway Fort Lane and the retail thoroughfare of Queen Street is activated by street dining serviced from central tables stepped to follow the level of the new ramped lane.

Vertical shafts are cut through the floors above the lane, introducing light into the space and a language of opaque glass and steel to complement the ‘found’ brickwork, timber truss, stone and dilapidated concrete of the original fabric. 
A vertical connection is made from the middle of the lane – a sculptural staircase accesses a new courtyard on the level above ground.”

between new and old: imperial buildings

“This courtyard was carved from a service-filled lightwell, with large openings formed in the surrounding walls and the addition of new steel plate stairways and balconies ensuring that spaces over the upper levels enjoy connection and interaction with this enlarged central space.
The network of public connection and open circulation spaces provides a sense of precinct for the five levels of commercial office space, restaurants, bars and retail spaces that have now occupied the revitalised buildings.”

between new and old: imperial buildings


between new and old: imperial buildings

[all images courtesy fearon hay architects| photographer Patrick Reynolds]

LOVE this project. from the idea of revitalize old space into a new public place, to the selection of materials used: opague glass, steel plate stairways, brick, timber truss, stone and concrete, (and my favorite tolix A chairs!) …a total dream project to me!


The Imperial Buildings
Architect: Fearon Hay Architects
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Constructed Area: 5000sqm
Completed: 2011
Photographic Credit: Patrick Reynolds

舊建築,老房子,廢棄工廠改造…從物件到空間,’新與舊之間’一向都是讓米相當著迷的概念。最近看到在各大建築設計獎項不斷被提及的imperial buildings,也太完美的一個案例! 怎麼能不分享?
聯絡了遠在紐西蘭奧克蘭 (auckland)的建築事務所fearon hay architects,表達要在米騏鉄雀分享這個案子,(電子郵件真的是無國界的好幫手啊)他們也相當開心,給了米一些文案可以使用。對於米這個小本經營的部落格能夠得到建築師的首肯…感動之餘,對其公司的第一印象也超加分!

回到案子本身:透過建築師與當地歷史保存團體(historical places trust)的合作,原本幾乎荒廢的巷弄以及五層樓建築被重新改造為室內加戶外的商業空間。透過保留部分老建築原貌,這個位在市中心的鄰區不僅再度融入都市脈絡 (urban fabric),戶外空間與建築物的對話更是替以往沒有被定義的走道空間帶來了全新的生命力。

在這裡也恭喜這個案子入圍世界建築展(world architecture festival)的new&old(新舊)獎項!

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