puma social club :prague:

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architecture / interior / vintage modern

puma social club :prague:

[all images courtesy edit!|photography by Saša Dobrovod­ský]

after a week of blogging-free, i am very excited to share this project as the first of many good ones to come !

following the successful concept stores from LA to moscow, another puma social club has recently opened in central prague, designed by czech architecture office edit! and architecture student tereza komárkováhave. inspired by miner’s cloak­rooms in coal mines, the dynamic energy and conversation has been brought back to this previous office space located in a early 20th century building.

puma social club :prague:

as most people in our generation are absolutely multi-taskers, the modern-days retail stores of course can’t just be a place where sell products – you sell life style, and you provide opportunities for social engagement too. this latest addition of puma social club has all the elements for their target young crowd: the collection, a flexible meeting space (with movable tables and chairs) for party and special events, a cafe serves local trade coffee and homemade cupcakes!

puma social club :prague:project description provided by the architects:

” The store is located in an early 20th century residential building later converted to an office building in the very centre of Prague, next to the Old-town square. it is the birthplace of the famous writer Franz Kafka.After a survey of the building and an analy­sis of the brief we have decided to clean the space of additional interventions. It was mainly the inserted mez­za­nine floor in the mid­dle tract and par­ti­tions clos­ing niches in the load-bearing walls. We empha­size the new space by using one floor­ing con­nect­ing all acces­si­ble spaces. ”

puma social club :prague:

“… The winning proposal of the workshop was inspired by miner’s cloakrooms in coal mines. They use steel chains to hang up their clothes and pull them up for proper ven­ti­la­tion. The concept was appre­ci­ated by the client as the industrial feeling of the chain system is very close to the Puma Social concept. Therefore a sim­i­lar chain system was introduced for the Puma Store. It is used for pre­sen­ta­tion of clothes and as a support for the light system. The chains can be manip­u­lated man­u­ally or remotely and their height can be changed based on the need of the space. ”

puma social club :prague:

” … Most of the fur­ni­ture is mobile to allow eas­ier changes of the lay­out. Inbuild inte­rior equip­ment such as the bar and pre­sen­ta­tion pan­els are made of rusted iron sheeds.”

puma social club :prague:

[all images courtesy edit!|photography by Saša Dobrovodský]

the combination of white interior, concrete ceiling, accented by modern-industrial elements such as corten steel (pre-weathered steel) and chained pendent lights, plus a hint of scandinavian (can’t help noticing these ever popular hee lounge chair from HAY)– looove it! check out edit!‘s website for more project information (nice diagrams and plans).
project credits:
Project archi­tect: Ivan Boroš
Author of the win­ning con­cept: Tereza Komárková (stu­dent of Faculty of Archi­tec­ture, Tech­ni­cal Uni­ver­sity in Liberec)
Co-authors: Ivan Boroš, Juraj Calaj, Lenka Míková, Vítězslav Danda, Tereza Komárková
Pho­tographs of real­iza­tion: Saša Dobrovod­ský
Project man­ag­ment: Mar­tin Šourek, Didaktik-CZ

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