la hune, saint germain

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la hune, saint germain

you would think you can buy anything from amazon… well, not exactly! i spotted couple interesting books which i assumed “i will just buy them from amazon after i go back to the states”. it turned out most of the books we’re interested in can only be found from, not!! (crying) now i feel regret, really really regret, that why i didn’t buy them there…

anyway, consider max ernst, andré breton, poet henri michaux and many other artists through the decades have used to come here… la hune in st-germain is a must stop for design & art fans (like me), especially if you’re into photography and design (included graphic, architecture, industrial, interior) books. i know these days you can buy almost any books online – but it is no way to replace the feeling of flipping through pages and explore what will inspire you inside… ugh, i sound like an old-school.

la hune, saint germain

and hey, do you know the bookstore has moved?? it must be really recent, as google map haven’t updated it yet. interestingly their new location is previously habited by DIOR (at rue de l’abbaye). yeah, christian dior. if you’re not into fashion… in brief, the bookstore is right next to the old church when you get out subway metro st. germain des prés.

la hune, saint germain


i hope they don’t mind i was taking photos of books – otherwise i can’t remember which ones i want to buy!

la hune, saint germain

speaking of which, i totally missed one comic(graphic) book that i almost bought. the voice told me i can find out the publisher and from there of course i can buy the book online. sounds like a perfect plan right? the problem is i somehow forgot to take picture of the cover, or write down the publisher, and of course i totally can’t remember what is the title!! it was obviously a bummer moment. now i can only hope one day i will see the book being displayed in bookstore window while i was on my way to somewhere… you know, just like what always happens in the movies.

la hune, saint germain

la hune, saint germain

la hune, saint germain

as i am typing along, i miss paris again…

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