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+ ( kind of ) new design store found

two saturdays ago we found out design store millesime, previously located in northern liberty, has relocated to old city neighborhood! (41 south 3rd st) though their previous store indeed was spacious with a more ‘polished’ interior design (high ceiling, concrete flooring, big big windows), the current store somehow has more characters and i like it! there is a perfect contrast between old(building) and new(furniture), reminds me these lovely hidden design stores we visited in paris.

we had a nice and very informative conversation with the owner jinous. i am super excited not only they carry design from artekmuuto to hay (heyheyhey), also some young-and-fresh designers such as new-york based rich brilliant willing… stop by if you’re around the hood!

+ from hipcityveg


i had the classic veggie burger and it was really really good. all ingredient taste super fresh, included the bun. and oh, the warp design by greendustries is so cute!

+ emergenC


once a while i craved about orange juice. and last friday (the 13th!) was one of the days. i had two bottles of them. kind of too sweet, but that was exactly what i needed…

… just some recent assorted snapshots.




不過也真的覺得老了,體力大不如從前 >_<





大概先這樣子… 週末快到了!!

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