goodie bag from japan

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goodie bag from japan

my friend just got back from tokyo and she brought me a bag of goodies ♡

opened the door in 1969 as “new meguro hotel” (ホテル ニュー目黒), the hotel has re-staged themselves in 2008 as a multi-function and culture space named “hotel claska”, not only provide newly designed rooms (torafu architects is one of the guest designers), also includes gallery, shop, restaurant&bar and rental studio. the store looks pretty amazing from the website, or you can check out their webshop. currently they only ship within japan, but we can still be inspired by the collection!

back to the goodie bag.

✚ of course, the modern japanese package design impressed me again. a minimal but clear branding logo & color, finished with tape, sticker and simple line warped around… it just gave me a new idea of my next packaging project.

goodie bag from japan

so what’s inside the bag?

✚ these towels are very similar to the “yoshii” towels spotted in hotel americano new york.(and i just found out today there is a store in philly selling yoshii towels… yay! ) they are suuuuuper soft – and you know why – the textile is from imabari city(今治市),ehime prefecture(愛媛県)japan.

goodie bag from japan

✚ baisen-yamato-cha for milk-added (焙煎大和茶ーミルク出し用)… err, what i am trying to translate is ‘tea for making milk tea’.

i am a such graphic junkie – i adore the black-and-white cow and even the step-by-step demonstration!

goodie bag from japan

and you might noticed there are muji kaki-no-tane(かきのたね) and rice crackers in the first image. they will just be perfect for summer beer-paring!

以上です。(that’s all)

the temperature is getting crazy hot during this past week (plus this weekend)… 37℃…can’t believe our body temperature is always this hot?(what a silly question). signing off to do some house work- stay cool and drink lots water my friends!!

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