chic and budget-chic bathroom

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interior / scandinavian design
chic and budget-chic bathroom

[all images courtesy|photo by martin sølyst]

once a while i stop by for some inspiration. it is the website of danish home&interior magazine BOLIG, where has excellent resources for home(of course), from furniture trend to the interior of real people’s homes. with google translator, there is no excuse to say you can’t read danish.

anyway, bathroom. what are the must have in your ideal bathroom? to me, regardless the size of bathroom, deep bathtub and a big countersink with big mirror are two(three?) things i can’t compromise :)

what about a chic bathroom with garden view AND at budget? even better!

chic and budget-chic bathroom

chic and budget-chic bathroomabove: wallpaper by Mandrup-Poulsen and the IKEA CD cabinets turn into bathroom storage

these wall cabinets is perfectly bringing a glimpse of garden into the bathroom, look like extra windows! (yet somehow the location of mirror seem a bit higher than average?)

chic and budget-chic bathroomabove: sink by bauhaus, faucet by ikea.

just like the two wall cabinets, these undersink cabinet doors also have a reflecting finish, bringing the outdoor to indoor again!

use little detail to elevate your budget-design, like these faceted cabinet knobs by madam stoltz — a total instant luxury moment! …the cute mug is by danish artist louise hindsgavl.  the teak door is existing then sanded and oiled. a nice orange tone to highlight the mostly black-and-white interior. (!towel warmer)

chic and budget-chic bathroom

chic and budget-chic bathroom

[all images courtesy|photo by martin sølyst]

couple candles in the bathroom is always nice. the lovely towel hanger was found at a thrift store!

according to the article, this bathroom, DIY-ed by the fashion designer susanne søllund, is built under $5000 and about 100 hours of working. i am so impressed!! what a nicely done DIY project. if you’re curious to know what susanne said about her DIY experience, click here to read the original article with a more in-depth interview!

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