hello, paris (3) musee du quai branly

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architecture / landscape architecture

compare to our last visit in 2010 november, the vertical living wall(le mur végétal in french), designed by patrick blanc, definitely had established better – they look so lavish and thriving!

i am sure musee du quai branly, designed by architect jean nouvel, is on every tourist guidebook (no?), yet fortunately(?) i found this place is still a secret getaway. consider the museum is only minutes away from the super touristy spot eiffel tower, it is like a miracle my visit always stayed peaceful.

the landscape, designed by french garden designer/botanist gilles clément, is actually the reason keeps us coming back to visit the place. while you’re strolling through the garden, the bushy, grassy, hilly landscape design can totally isolate you from the busy traffic right outside. if you are not interested in visiting the museum – i will suggest stop by the garden, experience the amazing meditation under the urban context, and have a nice cup of cafe cream from their cafe.

to show how much we like this place- we stopped by twice during the 10 days trip. first visit was only for a late lunch (5:30pm is still qualified for late lunch) and a garden stroll, since we had spent the afternoon at cité architecture et patrimoine and were on our way to palais de tokyo that evening. second visit we decided to visit inside the museum after spending our afternoon at musee de l’orangerie.

we stepped out the building when it closed at 9pm (open late on thursday, friday and saturday), and we finally were able to see the light lit-up. very interesting lighting (and fixture itself) design.


can you believe the last picture above was taken around 9:30 pm? (you can kind of see the moon in blue sky) long daylight in summer time, just one more reason to love paris.

* if you’re interested in more architectural information, check out this PDF.



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