from the garden : may

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maison jam


our plants are growing taller and taller after the spring cut-back, couple showers (natural irrigation!) definitely helped. especially the coneflowers – look at them – i wonder if they will eventually grow taller than our fence! we also found couple new spots in the planter where have been seeded and filled by russian sage and french lavender, lovely bonus.




it seems all plants have established and continued to grow with their natural form. we absolutely enjoy the “un-pedicured” landscape in our backyard — can’t wait to see the full bloom this summer!

in the concrete planter: assorted coneflowers, french lavender, sage(salvia nemorosa ‘caradonna’) and russian sage, globe thistle ‘arctic glow’… i probably am missing something but this all i can remember.

from the garden

and yes, we are expanding the collection – welcome, sedum!! besides sedum acre ‘aureum’ stonecrop, i don’t remember what are the other two called… but anyway, our plan is to let them establish little bit for now, and eventually have them in individual pots… like these from architectural pottery.

from the garden


from the garden

[ via architectural pottery ]


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