sunday coffee

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scandinavian design

sunday coffee

happy mother’s day! what can be better as a toast to my mom if not a fresh brewed cup of coffee on this special day? my mom is indeed the one who introduced me to the world of coffee. she used to buy fresh batch of beans and then ground them before cook with syphon coffee maker.

speaking of coffeemakers for home, i can NEVER use the k-cup thing at home, NEVER! just my personal dislike to the disposal,instant-culture.

sunday coffee

anyway here are three sweet coffeemakers featured in the latest ELLE DECORATION. nordic coffee culture is all about making pure black coffee. no exception when it comes down to design the coffee maker: simple, modern, and precision. i LOVE all of the three here featured in the magazine.  and yeah, plus my go-to moccamaster… how many coffeemakers we should have in one household?

+ wilfa svart manuell

award by design excellence by norwegian design council

sunday coffee

sunday coffee[images courtesy nordic coffee culture]

love the streamlined,minimal design. also i just found out “nordic coffee culture“, the blog behind the long time norwegian coffee maker wilfa, has reported many awesome coffee bars in the scandinavian countries. why i didn’t know this great blog before?

it seems this coffeemaker won’t be ready for US market until 2013 :(

+ chemex

sunday coffee[images courtesy chemex]

everyone knows this guy, no need for me to say more. but seriously, this family-owned coffeemaker company (located in western massachusetts US) no doubt had shown us what is called ‘less is more’ since 1941. this coffeemaker is also a permanent display in MOMA.

vacuum coffee “PEBO(former santos)” maker by bodum

sunday coffee

[image courtesy design applause]

cute vacuum (syphon) coffeemaker style, a updated modern version of the traditional syphon. yet i can’t find this tableside burner stand on bodum’s website… maybe haven’t released in US yet?

alright, as i am blogging i also just finished my first cup of coffee… i think i am going to have another cup.

have a  beautiful sunday!!

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