sailor square pillows

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sailor square pillows

after i posted my 101 times “i want striped-pillows”, i finally found the striped-pillow that i’ve been dreaming of!! just like that: i revisited “haus interior” where they have couple cute striped pillows. but they don’t have free shipping… then i started to search with the key word “sailor square cushion”. i guess the “sailor+square” is a magic combination – the name “unison” popped. (bell ringing) the name that finally stopped me crying about couldn’t find any good striped cushion in US…

you won’t believe how excited i was when next i found out design public carries unison’s pillows – with FREE shipping!! ( plus you can receive 5% off when join their newsletter – sure i joined ) ugh. design public. i searched “stripe” pillow for years, how could i never thought about using “sailor” and “square” as key words?

so what made me decided to have them?

__100% cotton
__hand printed
__feather-down inserted
__hidden zipper
__made in USA

sailor square pillows

check check check check check. and because of the founding partners of unison were designing and living in finland for 4 years before returned to USA, their products have reflected the quality of minimal and textile. scandinavian touch, check! well, to those who have joined michitecture’s facebook page- you probably already seen the super blurry picture i posted the other night. i finally found some time this weekend to take couple better shots with proper day light. aren’t they adorable…

well, i still LOVE stripe cushions from louise roe. but before i figure out where and how to buy them – unison’s are my best friends now. looooove them!!

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