saturday walk on highline

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landscape architecture

saturday walk

i have a feeling they will need to replace the pavers sooner than expected, even though i am sure these pavers are built to last. every time we visited highline it was always packed of people. and it was even more crowded this time… totally unnnnbelievable !! it was so crowded which you can barely stop and look around – people behind you will possibly run you over or trample you in a second. (or their ice creams will crush on your back first) well, the weather was BEAUTIFUL, the spring cut-back has progressed the growth of plants, the landscape is again brushed with color green. no wonder everyone wants to have a walk on saturday mid-day… included the bride. (photo below on the left)

saturday walk

saturday walk

saturday walk

saturday walk

saturday walk

according to the super high popularity, i can see the lawn will be worn out in about 15 mins after its reopen.

photo i took the night before…

saturday walk

can’t wait for the phase 3, or jeff koon’s train…! for your curiosity: click here for the complete highline plant list.


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