sunday stripes

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sunday stripes
 since it becomes almost impossible for me to find where can i buy louise roe‘s super cute pillows from denmark, i am looking for a back-up plan now: make my own pillow cases! i stopped by ikea yesterday afternoon and yesss, they have stripe fabrics, perfect!! now – i need to find out how to seal sew the case. in my understanding (dangerous), it seems a really really easy sewing project, but the problem now is: i don’t have sewing machine…

sunday stripes

sunday stripes

a useful post by raechel myers (with step-by-step instruction). and if you like(love) sewing: her blog is really addicting too. one project after another, really lovely!

i think the ikea in US must be different from those in scandinavian countries. besides these stripe fabrics, the general display was not inspiring at all… no way i can feel oh-so-nordic…

my ultimate goal is like this: stripe pillow pile!

sunday stripes

[image courtesy lotta agaton]

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