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book + magazine / interior / scandinavian design / vintage modern

[all images via est]

est, an citrus-y fresh new online magazine, “global living with an australian twist”, is my recent addict. i like how they deliver the life style with personality, not just pretty pictures on glossy paper. and coolest part? for people like me who always want to check out product website after flipping through the magazine: all the product/information is linked to the website as you read!

their recent issue #4, which, can’t be more attractive to me, because it is titled “nordic design inspiration.” oh yah. already loved it before i read it. and don’t think only homes from scandinavian countries are included – there are homes from australia, united states and netherlands as well as denmark, iceland. yes- nordic style is the key bring them all together.

the trend of mixing materials

conveniently cool (australia): home owners are art director and graphic designer… not surprise they have a beautiful home as well. but can you believe this modern and arty interior was once covered with wallpaper on ceiling…? nice transformation!

[all images via est]

idyllic icelandic:a spacious home with lots natural sunlight. nice contemporary furniture mix with rusty wood ones.

cosy with a k: the home owner tine kjeldsen is also the owner of tine k home(waiting for them open a store in NYC!). the style of her home is a perfect example of mixing new and old, polished and rusted.

from street styles to where to spa in stockholm, est #4 covers all the stylish tips you need to know in order to enter the world nordic style effortlessly.

spa at bluehotel: what a treat…

[all images via est]

anyway, i am looking ridiculous by almost including the whole magazine pages here… click here to read the complete magazine!…. happy nordic friday!

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