this is… gorgeous!

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[all images courtesy this is… ]

received another issue of ELLE DECORATION(Norway) yesterday, just when i thought my subscription was expired! ha, i guess there is always one more last chance before you made decision. and sure enough, after a qucik flip through the magazine this morning- i think i should continue my subscription. LOADED with inspiring homes & places!! love it love it love it.

since this beautiful home had been selected as the magazine cover, there must be a reason. and yes… the reason is very simple: IT IS GORGEOUS! ( i actually shared a link on michitecture’s facebook page via cherry blossom world few weeks ago. somehow this home strikes me again when i read the paper copy…)

let’s take a look at this super chic home.

[all images courtesy this is…]

if you like the style:
1. porcelain milk cartons: from
2. table is from (or, you can have your own DIY concrete coffee table )
3. BIG fork on wall: from too…
4. dinning table pendent “grand trianon”: from LA-based artecnica
5. … stop by silje’s blog!
and now- images i took from magazine. (no, iphone doesn’t take good pictures when it is gloomy outside)
收到最新一期的挪威版elle室內設計雜誌,本來已經在考慮不要續訂了(想說改嘗試丹麥的RUM雜誌,還是瑞典版的elle interior),可是看了這個來自挪威屬於陶瓷設計師的家,想想應該還是續約吧…這雜誌過去一年來從來沒讓米失望過…實在帶給米太多靈感了!!
concrete coffee table (可以自己動手做–點這裡
就淪落為雜誌型錄裡的模型家(model house)了。

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