spacious swedish country home

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a lovely, homey (allow me to say) interior with enormous space… yes, it is enormous. but i am not here to promote ‘bigger is better’… actually i was drawn by the first couple images at the hallway area without knowing rest of the space. i didn’t know this house will be this spacious!

the house had just been renovated in 2007 (the original structure back in 1929 has been saved), only 30 mins outside malmö (reslövs skola, marieholms). to me the luxuriality about this house is not coming from the typical highly crafted interior details, as you will see the house itself has been kept in a very simple style. white wall, tile or wood flooring. the spacious layout with natural sunlight everywhere – is stunning. huge kitchen/dinning/living room area which i can see is a perfect gathering place to entertain the family.

let’s walk around the house.

interesting detail here:  i like how they mix some loose, less polished decoration (e.g. magazines, basket) with rest of glossy modern furniture style. the wood materials definitely helped to add some cozy atmosphere.

spotted the FL/Y suspension lamp again. the kitchen is actually ridiculously huge. but i am glad i don’t see much stuffs decorated here just to fill up the space.

alright, for your curiosity, this is how exterior looks like… totally situated in the country side!! a modern interior hides under the old building skin… love that!

[all images via]






總之, 住新房子當然不錯,可是如果可以讓老房子有新生命就更厲害。


看看這,再看看米國一堆大而無味的郊區模型屋(cookie cutter),



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