spring equinox| 春分の日

spring equinox| 春分の日


spring equinox| 春分の日


spring equinox| 春分の日

i love chunky sweater, cashmere scarf, or the black riding boots… but time to have some changes! bring on your creativity of mix-and-match bright colors this season!

speaking of mastering bright colors, i really am not the kinda colorful-outfitter. scanning through my closet, i am so amazed how many shades of gray and black can be… but i like bright color accessories! shoes, bags, belt… and this season i am going to try bright color denim! (my mom should be really excited to hear this)

to avoid making yourself like people walk straight from the 80s time machine, remember to use neon as “highlight”. one thing at a time. don’t  make yourself head to toe cladded in neon color!

shown here:

✚ sephora x opi nail: love the bright tangerine ✚ gorjana parker leather warp: bought with 40% off last year ✚ rag and bone skinny: the blue is insanely bright and saturated. if you use autocad- you know we will call this color “cyan”.





不然就真的很像從八○年代走出來的 :)

spring equinox| 春分の日

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