tietgenkollegiet|tietgen student hall

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architecture / landscape architecture

so far the most interesting (and beautiful!) student housing project i’ve seen!

a winning design team included architects Lundgaard & Tranberg in collaboration with structural engineer Peter Bjersing, COWI, ( the amazing cantilever concrete boxes! ) and landscape architect marianne levinsen landscape, had proposed a future student housing model that the accommodation will help encourage social and personal development of student. the bold architectural form is an urban response to the context, providing a statement in a newly developed area, Ørestad district of copenhagen.

Lundgaard & Tranberg is one of my favorite danish architecture offices… they are also the architects behind harbor isle apartments and SEB headquarter, and royal playhouse… just to name of few.

[images courtesy Jens Lindhe+Lundgaard & Tranberg]

wikipedia mentioned the building is inspired by traditional hakka building style… isn’t it interesting.

[image courtesy marianne levinsen landskab aps]

since concrete is part of landscape architect’s blood, i can’t help but noticing this beautiful precast concrete paving. i love the simple play of materials/color mix, and neatly transited from paving into steps, into central amphitheater area.

[image courtesy marianne levinsen landskab aps]

[images courtesy Jens Lindhe+Lundgaard & Tranberg]

lucky you, students!! i recalled the dormitories i stayed either from under or graduate school, none of them are nearly close to this humane and cheerful design…  anyway.

since it’s official opening in may 2007, this place had attracted numerous visitors. so don’t be surprised the student housing had  formed the visit committee, which you can book your guided tour (500 dsk) with them! check out their website for more information.



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