stylish rescue

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stylish rescue

[all images courtesy]

i just spotted this amazing design from the latest elle decoration magazine (DK version) and  i have to share it!! this is one of the products that you thought you don’t need but wish you had it when things happened.

yes, fire distinguisher.

let’s forget about the big red fire distinguisher. here i am talking about the design that won’t embarrass you and your interior design. as we all know fire distinguisher needs to be located in the convenient spot, where you can grab it immediately in the happening of event.

don’t judge by the look. it looks good doesn’t mean it won’t function equally good! this stylish fire distinguisher contains 2-pound dry chemical powder to extinguish all materials and liquids. all their products are made in sweden and in collaboration with presto fire, which is the largest fire protection company.

and for you with environmental-friendly concern: all fire distinguishers are refillable.

i know it seems a little bit edgy if you bring the fire distinguisher as a housewarming gift… but it’s kind of sweet, for a better safety home. no? how many of us have fire distinguisher at home, anyway?

stylish rescue

stylish rescue

[all images courtesy]

after a quick research, it seems like the typical distinguisher size in US is 5 pounds. and even for home use, they are big red with black pipe… you know, the style you won’t necessary want to display in the center of the room.








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