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graphic & branding design


image via therese sennerholt shop

✚ “We prefer the beauty of chaos over ugly perfection”

i’ve noticed many graphic posters are re-posted from blogs to tumblrs, but prints by swedish designer therese sennerholt are still my top favorite.

✚ “This is not an ordinary notebook, please fuck the to do list and create some magic doodling or write an epic love letter. It is a beautiful day and you are way too gorgeous to be doing boring stuff”



✚  “Sometimes the best moments in life are the simple ones. Like having cheese doodles and wine.”

Cheese Doodles Black poster

[all images via therese sennerholt shop]

i know some people are skeptical about this kind of affirmation like “you go, girl” words on wall thing… i guess it all depends on what words are on the print and how is it presented graphically. sometimes it may seem cheesy and cliche that as if we’re chanting like cheerleaders… but when it comes to originality and heartwarming, why not let these simple words brighten your day and make your smile?

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