event: charles & ray eames: the architect and the painter

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we ♥ eames

” take your pleasure seriously”. – charles eames

a quick post to share. thanks to herman miller‘s philadelphia office, i had this opportunity to attend the event “Charles & Ray Eames: The Architect and the Painter” film viewing at the showroom this past thursday. with their generous hospitality, it was absolutely a inspiring and fun night. what else can be more satisfying to view this documentary while sitting on eames molded plastic side chair, surrounded by alexander girard prints and george nelson pendent lamps? plus food, candies, popcorns and drinks?

and they offered a draw at the end of event for one lucky person to bring the eames molded plywood lounge chair home. come on business card, let me be that lucky person!!

we ♥ eames

we ♥ eames

we ♥ eames

if you’re curious… NO, my business card didn’t bring my good luck (!!!).

anyway, even we all know the stories about charles and ray eames, even we all love their genius design – i still highly recommend these eames fan (you) to watch the documentary. it will make your inner design passion(!) spark again.

you can actually watch the full film (1 hr 25 mins)on PBS’s website ( by american master ) which PBS have premiered on december 19, 2011– there are couple outtakes for extra viewing pleasure.

it is not easy to do something good, but it is extremely difficult to do something bad.” – charles eames

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