[book] concrete garden projects

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[image courtesy LA times]

read the article on LA Times about a lovely book called “concrete garden projects” published by timber press… the author of the article followed some tricks from the book and tried couple small projects, like shown above — aren’t these sedum cupcakes super adorable? and here is the sneak peak picture from the book. love these concrete containers, so simple and beautiful, and inexpensive to make!

[image courtesy Camilla Arvidsson]

i haven’t planned to make my own concrete cupcakes yet, (too cold right now) maybe wait until spring time. if you remember, we have a DIY planting bed in our 10’x10′ backyard, thanks to my creative husband, well, happens to be a architect who also is savvy about building his own the form-liner concrete wall,wooden planters,deck and fence… basically everything! it was my first time to be convinced it is possible to build your own concrete planter.

this is part of the planter. aren’t the texture lovely?

i am a big fan of concrete-inspired design: concrete flooring, concrete wall, concrete bench. and now, DIY concrete containers! can’t wait to make some summer night votive candle holder.










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