some sweets from 2011 posts

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maison jam

some sweets from 2011 posts

can’t believe only one day toward the end of 2011 !! in case you missed some of these sweets, here are my top 10 favorite posts (or moment) during 2011:

1. retro & colorful of family nording from sweden

2. landscape loop by jaja architects, one of my favorite architecture firm

3. open air library by karo architekten

4. house alta by johannes norlander: white, concrete floor, scandinavian…

5. received my first copy of elle decoration norway, which featured kibisi (bjarke ingels is one of the founders). later on i went to a lecture at NYU, where i received bjarke’s autography IN PERSON…!!! now i have his bless on that page. hehe

6. summer meal : mussels. cooking(food) is always a big part to my daily life, especially weekends. this meal is so simple and easy to prepare!

7. wooden toys by small stuff. these wooden toys are just so adorable.

8. forget about other museums, moma is a must-visit in nyc. if you’re a fan of art & architecture & design

9. this november, i had my first fly fishing trip!!! it was super adventurous to a city girl like me, and i am so proud of myself that i’ve made it!

10. and my stripes fever will continue to 2012…

happy reading :)


希望明年能分享更多的點點滴滴囉 :)

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