kitchen dream

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interior / scandinavian design

kitchen dream


i can’t say we have the ugliest kitchen (thanks god at least they are in white color) , but we do definitely have a awkward arrangement in our kitchen. it seems like the construction crew just build as it goes- and if there is any left over space? patch in another drawer/cabinets.

since everything is still working for now we don’t really have any plan to redo the kitchen. but i can’t wait for that ONE DAY – we can finally take out all the extra/unnecessary cabinets and freshen up the kitchen space a bit.

here are couple inspirations to keep me dreaming motivated :

✚ there are many elements i like about in this kitchen: subway tile,concrete countertop, white base, tin&enamel ware, and a touch of wood.

kitchen dream

[via kjerstis lykke]

✚ caisa k’s home is also very lovely…  i like especially the clamp-on lamp.

kitchen dream

[via caisa k]

✚ and how could we not mention anna leena’s simple & elegant kitchen? well, this is more of on the dream kitchen side. look at how spacious it is!

kitchen dream

[via annaleenashem ]

✚ some gorgeous kitchens from alvhemmakleri. i like the pendent lights and NO cabinets above working station! open up the space so much. i know… what a luxurious layout if you’re living in the city.

kitchen dream

kitchen dream

[via ]

✚ last one shown here is styled by super-cool swedish estate fantastic frank. i always thought “marble” countertop is a bit old fashion, but look at this image – the light grey marble counter top looks just so modern & stylish! ( it all depends on what kind of marble pattern you choose)

the light color wood floor and open shelving system with white base interior definitely help to lighten up the space. feel so breezy.

kitchen dream

[via fantastic frank]

alright- i am signing off to do some more painting now … happy tuesday & holiday :)

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