wabisabi (侘び寂び): from our backyard

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maison jam

wabisabi (侘び寂び): from our backyard

+ look at this mini moss habitat found in the wood deck. how adorable!

wabisabi (侘び寂び): from our backyard

+ i love how things look perfectly imperfect. (well, here i am not not talking about construction quality) it might sound a little bit obsessed but i sometimes put wooden objects outside just to get a bit of weathered look. siiick?

wabisabi (侘び寂び): from our backyard

wabisabi (侘び寂び): from our backyard

+ from our backyard: lavender, russian sage, agastache blue fortune,coneflower, globe thistle.

+ all plants are from terrain

+  jute burlap placemat from west elm (seems they only have it in store but not online shop? but you can find tons from etsy)

+ wood tray is a gift from japan (by d&department project)


if you like the style : read my previous post about neest. you will like it, too.


what is wabisabi? read this post to find out!


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