wooden salt-pepper mill

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[image courtesy likainen parketti]

happy sunday =)

if you like black and white, flea market, vintage, DIY-preferred… then you have to check out likainen’s blog. it all started when i saw this picture of salt-pepper mills from one of the design blogs(that i actually can’t remember which blog)…and i love them at first sight!! (as you can imagine, coming up was another hour clicking through her beautiful apartment. indeed blog-vortex)

anyway, back to salt-pepper mills. i definitely have no excuse to buy new set at this moment since there are about five salt-pepper mills (two sets+one) in our kitchen. i like none of them(long story short, they are all given)…so hopefully i can figure out how to re-purpose these five so i can buy a new set that i truly like.

the amazing part of this salt-pepper mill set shown above, is that likainen actually dressed-up them herself. she got them from her friend (from flea market) and she painted top with black and white.

they are super cute aren’t they?


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