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[all images via pickles]

i never finish one single knitting piece. the scarf that i started 7 winters ago, only half-way knitted, still sits somewhere in my closet, and honestly, i don’t know if i will ever go back to finish it. no, i am so not a knitting person! but hey, who said i can’t love other’s creative knitting, especially from the norwegian pickles? it’s nothing new about how to make your own felt wreath. but this hand-made felt wreath is still the best one i’ve ever seen so far. (click here to read my post from last year)

and how can’t your not adore the yarn lamp shade—super neat!!! they have step by step instruction to show you how to make your own.


little luxury scarf

yarn in yarn basket

coffee cup holder

[all images via pickles]

and if you wonder, what about summer?  well, here pickels show you how to make your own summer top! ( shown is kid size)

check out their website for more yarn-y inspirations. even you’re person like me who doesn’t knit, you will be so inspired as well! and… stay warm :)



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