vintage luggage…stacked

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vintage modern
[all images courtesy jamesplumb]

antique, vintage, cast-offs, luggage… who brought these key words all together?

jamesplumb. founded by james russell and hannah plumb (recent INSIDE festival 2011 “retail” category winner ), two artists under one name, jamesplumb always leave us a hint of history but with new stories to tell in their projects.  i don’t know if it’s appropriate to say “they gave old objects new life” because that seems over simplified their design sensibility… well, as it said on their website, ” they juxtapose practical function with their sculptural vision“,and that’s exactly why i love their works!

+ suitcase stacks



[all images courtesy jamesplumb]

is that only me or you also see many smile faces there?  oh, and if you feel like more luggage… click here to see my previous post about “vintage luggage”!

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