fashion friday:mustache for new-born and toddlers

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book + magazine / fashion

[image courtesy fine little days]

spotted the adorable children book “the life for mr mustache” from swedish design store fine little day.(available in english) mr mustache was a popular character from previously studio violet, now fine little day, studio morren and camilla engman.

so, listen! mustache is the trend right now,  especially for kids! (age under 10, preferably)

some fun, cute and cozy chic looks from dutch children clothing brand impes&elfs fall/winter collection. the clothing style is definitely oh-so-amsterdam: simple, comfortable but full of nice details.  (it’s really nothing to do with mustache- but i have to post this image…so cute!!)

[above images courtesy imps&elfs]
little whoops just happened… i was playing their growmachine but somehow my photo was uploaded before put on the mustache!! so now my picture is on their website with no reason… can’t be more embarrassing. ugh.
doudou sir gray plush toy by kayatine.  you can buy it from bodie&fou.
have a nice mustache-y friday!

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