four-corner villa by avanto

[all images courtesy avanto architects]

what can describe winter better if not snow, fire place, and wood lodge? (uh, no, UGG doesn’t count) so here you go: a lovely four-corner villa designed by finnish architects avanto, surrounded by forest, covered by the snow, with fire places! from what architects described, the building is well insulated and only heated by wood. there is no electricity or running water in this house.

it’s purely, a getaway place! no distraction but quality time!

i am somehow very into the texidermy-inspired wall mounted decoration since last winter… of course not the big bear head hang on the wall type, but more of this one in the picture below.

i think the woodstove fireplace from morso will be one of these things on the wish list – you know you don’t really need it, but you always wanted to have it…

[all images courtesy avanto architects]






four-corner villa by avanto

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