scrapwood wallpaper by piet hein eek

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design / home goods

[all images courtesy scrapwood wallpaper]

i’ve mentioned concrete wall wallpaper in another post, which i think the faux-concrete is a super genius way to decorate your house when you can’t really afford (i mean, structure-wise) to have a real exposed concrete wall. recently i found another faux wallpaper designed by piet hein eek and manufactured by NLXL, has a perfect scrapwood look that will satisfy these who think the look of concrete wall is too cold and industrial.

this product is also the winner of 2011 IFF editor’s award.

the “wood” stain range from light to dark, even “painted” with color, many choices to match your room style!

personally i like light wood color (shown above) for vertical plane. but this dark wood wall looks pretty convincing,too…

[all images courtesy scrapwood wallpaper]

check out for US readers.

+ 在台灣的朋友們…MOT忠泰生活館有進口他們的壁紙呢。

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