41 cooper square, nyc

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41 cooper square, nyc

one saturday evening in early september, we finally had a chance to walk by this project while on our way to vandaag(yes! we tried the restaurant- and it was really good! click here to see my previous post about the restaurant design).

for a more complete project story, check out morphosis’s blog(?) morphopedia. there they described(very, very detailed) the initials, the concept, and  what they had achieved as the building is the first LEED-certified academic laboratory in NYC with a platinum rating. they also included a time-lapse construction film which is interesting to watch how it was built.

i am happy to see the design doesn’t look like just another LEED-certified building.

41 cooper square, nyc

my favorite detail in this project is actually this environmental sign designed by independent design consultancy pentagram.(they are also the design consultant behind the logo of highline )

click here to see more interior and rooftop signage design – they’re awesome.

41 cooper square, nyc


41 cooper square, nyc

by the way, the adjacent cooper square hotel by carlos zapata studio has a interesting exterior design as well. they have a nice lounge area close by the lobby- but no photos have been taken, as i don’t want to look like a nerd taking pictures right in front of the building while many beautiful people walk in and out the entrance…

41 cooper square, nyc

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