natural style of life: neest

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home goods
[all images courtesy neest]

it will be too selfish if not sharing this lovely online design store neest.

their collection is inspired from parisian eyes with a mix of japanese and scandinavian style, which to me is a golden triangle mix! especially the store philosophy “natural style of life is about enhancing everyday items by mixing vintage and contemporary objects.”… again, my favorite vintage & contemporary recipe.

we don’t need to break the bank to enjoy a creative life. these simple but incredibly practical design offer so much more than just the functionality. they remind you to appreciate the beauty of nature (form or material-wise) every time you use them :)

shown in above image: linen coating tray from japan (fog linen)

and few more favorites…

lotus tea spoon & mini sugar scoop from thailand

the wooden spoon will definitely make your daily yogurt-parfait more tasty. and the mini scoop? can’t be more sweet.(cheesy line) but seriously, the mini scoop is a such cute little piece that makes you want to open the jar and scoop more…

+ bread board house from netherlands

love the simplicity of birch wood texture and shape of board.

[all images courtesy neest]

+ square wire tray from japan

you would think this is a such simple, normal objet? i can tell you, it’s not that easy to find a well designed one. not too shiny, not to big, not too densely wired. so far i still can’t find anywhere online or in store(or in philadelphia) is that perfect for me, until i saw this one…

and oh, for more daily inspiration- check out their blog. very beautiful, very parisian.

[all images courtesy neest]

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