a little mille-feuille from jean millet

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a little mille-feuille from jean millet

jean millet has been open on rue Saint-Dominique since 1963. we didn’t have time to explore the neighborhood last time, but hopefully we will find some time to visit in our comping up trip (next year).

this one is a souvenir from my office colleague who recently just came back from tokyo for a business trip. the pastry presentation in japan seems more fancy than the original store’s in paris.

ahh…i miss paris.

所謂的千層酥,說正確一點,應該是千頁(葉)酥,如同原文法語所意 (mille-feuille,thousand leaves/sheets)。可是記得以前在台灣大部分都稱這種甜點為“拿破崙酥“(napoleon) …查了一下英文網站,似乎某些國家也稱是稱它為拿破崙酥,可是…我想還是千葉酥最貼近原意吧。

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