brunch at wedge+fig

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brunch at wedge+fig

we stopped by wedge+fig in olde city today, finally!

get up early on saturday is definitely NOT our tradition, but since we had a 9am haircut appointment nearby, we actually got here almost just about the time they opened the door. i highly recommend you enjoy the lovely food at their back garden when the temperature allowed (they also have very effective outdoor heater to keep you warm). the garden is simply cozy and magical with the hidden secret garden atmosphere.

✚ from the garden you can look to the kitchen so you don’t feel like sitting at the back yard and missing all the actions.

brunch at wedge+fig

✚ this tree is definitely a plus charm to the space. even though you see everyone’s A/C at windows and the fire escape stairs, it’s actually not that bad. kind of soho-ish feeling :)

brunch at wedge+fig

✚ the brunch menu is awesome: i had french toast (bread pudding style) with apples and figs; j had omelette with fontina cheese. both of them were so fresh, so satisfying. (wedge+fig is using local grown products as much as possible) the look of french toast was too irresistible i totally forgot to take picture after a big bite.

and of course, the french press coffee… i feel like i am back in paris again! ( shown in the picture is medium pot- it served about 2 cups per person )

brunch at wedge+fig

✚  before we headed out, the space was pretty filled. j and i really enjoyed the dining experience together with the delicious food & coffee.

brunch at wedge+fig


✚ the little corridor leads to the back garden

brunch at wedge+fig

brunch at wedge+fig

for the design philadelphia week, many windows in olde city have beautiful decoration right now. wedge+fig’s is the cute leafy-cheesy(leafs are cut from cheese package card board).
now you’re curious where is this place? they’re almost at 3rd and race street. so here’s the package for you: stop by for a saturday/or sunday brunch, and after the meal walk over to recently completed race street pier :)
ps. wedge+fig is closed on monday!

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