sunset, sunrise.

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sunset, sunrise.

if you like something artistic, creative, unexpected, or danish – is a great website for all above.  in short: a great place for inspiration!

as idoart stated on their vimeo page,

” I DO ART portrays the art scene through the hearts of selected danish artists, designers, photographers and creative souls. These bloggers write about their work, their experiences and what inspires them.

today i want to share the sky series by eric cahan. saw his work via copenhagen design week (and then i found out eric is actually a native new yorker)… too beautiful not to post it here. these photography remind me a lot artist(master) mark rothko- or elegant, or calming, or passionate. i love all of them, but especially these with a hint of orange color. 

soooo pretty!

here are some of my favorites.

Oyster Pond, Montauk, NY | Sunset 7:58pm 

sunset, sunrise.

Venetian Causeway, FL | Sunset 6:54pm

sunset, sunrise.

Cabo San Lusas, Mexico Sunset 7:09pm

sunset, sunrise.

San Francisco Bay, CA | Sunrise 6:24pm

sunset, sunrise.

[ all photogrphy courtesy of eric cahan ]

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