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graphic & branding design
when was the last time you purchased album with real cd case? ( translation: was your latest music downloaded from itune? )
maybe you’re not as bad as i am. to be honest, i can barely remember when was last time i purchased album with real cd case. i will guess it was more than 3 years ago…

that is something that technology can bring you: the convenience, and something technology can’t bring you:the promotion of art&creativity… it might make me sound like a old school, but i still like to purchase the real(instead of “virtual”) cd album (though i haven’t been able to!!shame).  through the graphic (visual communication) design and written introduction (or lyrics), every single details all help us to explore and understand the concept of album, complete with the music itself, of course.

does anyone still appreciate these design details?  i hope so.

“praful”, released back in 2005, is one of my favorite albums. it’s a hybrid of electronic club and ambient(chill-out), plus pop-jazz and world music… hard to define in one word, but all can be summed in two words: amazing music.

and yes, i actually bought the album in store.



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