finnish kanga

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finnish kanga

[image courtesy susanna vento|photography Kristiina Kurronen]

it’s almost not negotiable the wall in the house should be:

(1) whatever wall material but painted in white, nice white, or

(2) polished concrete wall, or

(3) exposed brick wall and painted in white, again, nice white.

i can’t help but wanting to paint the wall white every time i walked in a place and the wall is… not white. ( haha, it’s not as sick as it might sound…! ) ANYWAY.

finland-based interior designer/decoration editor susanna vento is one of my favorites. if you are fan of iittalamarimekko, or moomin(!) – then you will find susanna’s style is carrying similar vocabulary: it is that perfect playful touch to a simple subject. nothing much about interior design in this series of work, but i like how the very minimal colors finding their balance through the composition of pattern.

finnish kanga

finnish kanga

[all image courtesy susanna vento|photography Kristiina Kurronen]

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