from fvf: malin elmlid

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interior / lifestyle

[all photohraphy courtesy fvf| Ailine Liefeld]

i haven’t seen a such well curated online lifestyle magazine(?) for a while until freunde von freunden (fvf). if you’re looking for inspiration of lifestyle and interior, from real people, check out their website. reading the interviews has proved me one thing (which i always wanted to confirm) : people in creative profession the chance is they always happen to have equally inspiringl life style. simple, and personal life style.

today i want to share this lovely interview about malin elmlid, who originally was born in sweden, had her high school years in columbus,ohio(!) and currently live/work in berlin, germany. as a sales manager for levi’s vintage, malin is also doing a pretty serious bread exchange program. when she is off from work- she managed to fly from one fashion week to another.

work hard, but don’t forget to take breaks.

[all photohraphy courtesy fvf| Ailine Liefeld]

check out the full interview on freunde von freunden!

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