copenhagen design week: think human

copenhagen design week: think human

[ photography by Anders Sune Berg ]

fritz hensen, louis poulsen, georg jensen, hay, finn juhl, BIG… something in common? that’s right- Copenhagen! the 2nd international copenhagen design week will be hold in copenhagen during 1-6 September by danish design center.

” What are must-see’s during Copenhagen Design Week? Your natural starting point will be Kvæsthusmolen by The Royal Danish Playhouse where exhibitions, morning talks etc. gives you the ”Think Human” story. The INDEX: exhibition is also here, so join us down by the harbour. “

check out their website for more exciting events information! wish i could be there this year. ( now i need to wait for another 2 yrs… )

some topics from the design week:

+ what makes a livable city?

don’t forget to stop by danish architecture center: the 3rd and last copenhagen X exhibition about new architecture and urban development in copenhagen is on view now through october 23rd.

copenhagen design week: think human

[ image courtesy BIG ]

+ design dinner

300 guests will be invited to 25-30 local private homes to have a true typical danish dinner experience: fresh, organic and skillfully prepared by the hosts! sounds fun isn’t it?

copenhagen design week: think human

[ image courtesy INDEX ]

+ still light

an exhibition showing 100 Danish pendants – from 19 companies and 52 designers.  “…all 100 pendants are examples of vivid Danish design demonstrating a diversity of shapes, materials and new, sustainable light sources.”

still-light-7[image courtesy of karen kjaergaard ]

+ bike tour

and of course- don’t forget to rent a bike while you are there! here is a sample route from copenhagen x. more routes can be found directly from their website.

copenhagen design week: think human

copenhagen design week: think human

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