outdoor with styles

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outdoor with styles

summer season can’t be more festivities, and we(i) want to be stylish while go outing like picnicking,sunbathing, or camping. yes, even under the circumstance when we won’t be able to take shower, no perfume can be worn, such such, we hipsters still want (hope) to maintain a minimal outdoor chic :)

so let’s start from some essentials.

+ this enid two person picnic tin is perfect for a british-style picnic at park. 

all the accessories in the tin included: willow woven container, napkin linen, fork& knifes&spoons, thermos, and the ceramic plates & cups(!). it will definitely bring you two a gorgeous al fresco.

outdoor with styles

+ you cannot do picnic without a proper picnic blanket. anorak probably have the best outdoor props collection.

outdoor with styles

move on to camping, look at these sleeping bags. the anorak kissing rabbits sleeping bag is almost too cute to wait until we camp in the woods. maybe we will do a mini camp out IN the house tonight?

outdoor with stylesoutdoor with stylesoutdoor with styles

outdoor with styles
images via anorak

card board cooler from cascades : composed of 70% recycled cardboard, the Cascades ThermaFresh™ recycled cardboard picnic cooler is a perfect environmental-friendly cooler alternate.

outdoor with styles

image courtesy cascades

and finally, how could we camp without tent? this tee-pee style of tent from gandia blasco should be a good warp-up for now :)

outdoor with styles

image courtesy gandia blasco

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